About Me

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Fractional Advisor, Ambassador, and Advocate for Business Leaders with a focus on events


A Visibility Strategist and Live Event Ambassador and overall amazing person! I am honest, sincere, spiritual, and humorous with a deep love of learning and practical problem-solving.

I’m a wife, a mom to 3 teenage boys, hiker, and dog lover. I’m also super friendly, organized, funny, and very easy to talk with. I love to spend time with family and friends exploring the outdoors and making incredible memories here in beautiful Idaho. I’m a spiritual person who cares deeply about others and strives to use my unique gifts and talents to make the world a better place. I work best with those who know what they want to achieve and are committed to open and clear communication.

With 20+ years in the Medical, Health, and Beauty industries, a busy and growing family, and an extensive list of volunteer efforts under my belt, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to hone and exercise my leadership and strategic muscle. This journey has allowed me to represent and advocate for some of the most forward-thinking visionaries by connecting them with the right opportunities and audiences, and amplifying their messages.

I’m a connector at heart. I love people and processes! And combining those together to achieve targets is my JAM! 

I’ve founded two successful businesses and served as Executive Manager, Faculty Liaison, and Joint Venture Director professionally. I am a Certified Director of Operations and Project & Event Management.

And I leverage that experience to provide clarity, focus, and traction to EOS Implementers and entrepreneurial business leaders.

I specialize in: 

  • Strategic Planning 
  • Connections and Relationship Building
  • Lead Generation and Customer Relations 
  • Systems and Processes
  • Business Clarity 
  • Brand Representation

My core values include:
  • Be Humbly Confident 
  • Do What You Say 
  • Help First
  • Be Generous 
  • Sincerity and Authenticity 

 I love strategy, building solid foundations, people, and EVENTS! 

I love a good assessment!