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Empowering Partnerships, GROWING Success


A Visibility Strategist for leaders looking to increase visibility through strategic events, public speaking and meaningful relationships.

Providing a comprehensive approach to enhancing visibility, fostering meaningful connections and ensuring sustainable growth.

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Growth Solutions

At Root 'n' Branch, we believe in the power of strategy, meaningful events, significant partnerships, and the magic of human connections. Our mission is to not only elevate your visibility but to ensure you're deeply connected and relevant within your industry.

Need clarity and direction with your
Biz Dev efforts?

I get it. You’re an Entrepreneur at heart.

You’re a true visionary. There’s no limit to the amazing ideas you can dream up and it’s your unique vision that’s the catalyst for rapid change and dynamic growth!

You are optimistic and goal-driven. You know what you want to achieve and you’re here to make a serious impact for good!

BUT... you know you need to put more efforts in your Business Development and not sure how to get your message shared and gain traction in your business!

You need someone in your corner who can deliver clarity, direction, accountability, and authentic leadership when it comes to helping you strategize, plan and LEAD GENERATE.

And that’s me!

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Client Testimonial

"Suzy is a highly motivated person who brings organization, strategy, and insight to every project she works on. She is an excellent team player and would enhance a company's roster!"

- Patty Sherman Campbell
Leader in Healthcare and Wellness Innovation and Transformation, Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, Inc.
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